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Transform your hair style to long locks with Hair extensions for short hair

It’s very tedious waiting for short hair to grow and due to which women search for alternative to have a new look. You need patience and time to grow hair to some extent and yet you may not have thick and healthy hair to grow and have a nice look. Well, do not worry Hair Extensions for Short Hair are an outstanding alternative. There are many options that are available to grow your hair but this method will be an easy and quick way. However the hair extensions will work or not depends on how short is your hair.

How long hair is required for hair extensions?

Well, if the hair is very short like pixie cut then it will be difficult to hide the hair extensions. Your hair should be enough thick and long to cover the extensions. The best option for Hair Extensions for Short Hair is that your hair should grow at least for 4-5 inches long. Moreover the hair type can also affect you hair extension because if your hair is thin then it will be difficult to cover up the extensions. While buying hair extensions, make sure that the colour of the hair extensions perfectly matches the colour of your hair. You should also be careful that the length of the hair extension suits your natural hair. Long hair extensions may damage your natural hair.

Hair Extensions For Short Hair

Best Hair Extensions for Short hair

Well, the skin weft tape in hair extensions can be the best Hair Extensions for Short Hair. This type of extension is stitched by hand on a clear skin base and then it is fixed to a strong tough double-sided unseen glue tape. As both skin base and tape are clear, after applying it looks just like your scalp. This option will also go best for fine or thin hair as this type of hair will be covered mostly by beads, clips or glue in hair extensions. However it takes hardly 30 minutes for a full head by cramming small sections of hair between the tape. This is the latest hair extension that is semi-permanent, invisible and lasts up to four to six weeks. You can even reapply and reuse it with new tape and can save huge amount of money.

Human Hair Extensions for Short Hair

Women who wants realistic look in their hair extensions, this will be a good choice for them. However this method will be very costly but you can get the best deal. You can extend your hair with various natural colours of human hair at changing length. There is also an option to for coloured hair with wild shades like blue or magenta. Women with blonde hair may choose black or brown extensions for a theatrical look. You can also choose ponytails of different length, fall of bangs or hair attached to headband and get a realistic look that will make others jealousy.

Above all you should take care of your hair extensions to long last. Make sure to choose the best quality as synthetic options may ruin if treated with blow dryers.